<h2><strong>UBM and automatic STS measurement </strong>for ICL sizing</h2> <p>Thanks to our 50 MHz UBM probe for anterior chamber imaging, the Compact Touch STS UBM will provide you with an automatic STS measurement for ICL sizing for a wide range of applications: glaucoma, cataract and refractive surgery (phakic IOL implantation).<br /> <br /> <strong>KEY FEATURES:</strong></p> <ul wfd-id="0"> <li wfd-id="2">Provides excellent viewing of the structures located behind the iris.</li> <li wfd-id="1">The optional STS module allows for an automatic measurement of the sulcus-to-sulcus, lens curvature and anterior chamber depth and simulation of phakic IOL implantation.</li> </ul>