<h2><strong>IPL</strong> system</h2> <p><em>* Not FDA Approved</em></p> <ul wfd-id="5"> <li wfd-id="9"><strong>Dry eye treatment: </strong>Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MGD) and inflammation (rosacea &amp; blepharitis)</li> <li wfd-id="8"><strong>Safe, effective and long-lasting</strong> treatment</li> <li wfd-id="7"><strong>Simple and fast</strong> treatment (&lt;5 min)</li> <li wfd-id="6">Treatment on <strong>all skin types</strong> thanks to the <strong>optimized technical characteristics</strong> (train of pulses, filter at 610nm, cooling system).</li> </ul> <h3><strong>CLINICAL BENEFITS:</strong></h3> <ul wfd-id="0"> <li wfd-id="4">Improved<strong> tear film quality and symptoms</strong></li> <li wfd-id="3">Optimise <strong>post-surgical results</strong> by diagnosing and treating before surgery<strong> (refractive, cataract)</strong></li> <li wfd-id="2"><strong>Improve the compliance</strong> of patients under <strong>topical treatment</strong></li> <li wfd-id="1"><strong>Improve the comfort of contact lens wearer</strong></li> </ul>