<h2>3 in 1 ultrasound system</h2> <p><br /> The New compact touch features the A/B modes, as well as the pachymetry. It benefits from a <strong>new generation of 15MHz probe with a resolution increased by 30%</strong>.&nbsp;<br /> Small in size, it will fit in any working environments, even the smallest examinations rooms.<br /> Connected, it will easily<strong> interface its datas to your DICOM, EMR, or Wifi networks</strong>.</p> <h3><br /> <strong>KEY FEATURES:</strong></h3> <ul wfd-id="0"> <li wfd-id="2">A new 15 MHz that redefines the gold standard in B-mode imaging by bringing an exceptional image quality, for a better and quicker diagnosis.</li> <li wfd-id="1">Ultra-compact ultrasound system that further Increase the working environment of the physicians, for a better user experience.</li> </ul>