<h2>IMAGING&nbsp;<strong>EXCELLENCE</strong></h2> <p><strong>Quantel Medical has made a decisive leap forward with a new 5 ring annular technology on a 20 MHz probe.</strong></p> <p>The principe is to&nbsp;<strong>emit alternating ultrasounds</strong>&nbsp;by&nbsp;<strong>5 concentric transducers</strong>&nbsp;located in a single probe. The images thus obtained are spectacular as the entire&nbsp;<strong>eye is now visible</strong>&nbsp;with an exceptional level of&nbsp;<strong>detail</strong>.</p> <h3><strong>KEY FEATURES:</strong></h3> <ul wfd-id="0"> <li wfd-id="5">Increased depth of field allowing the visualization of the entire eye</li> <li wfd-id="4">Outstanding resolution from the anterior part of the vitreous to the wall</li> <li wfd-id="3">New UBM imaging technology allowing different imaging modes.</li> <li wfd-id="2">Motion sensor allowing to locate the ultrasound beam in real time in the ocular diagram.</li> <li wfd-id="1">Intuitive and user friendly software for a better navigation experience.</li> </ul>