<h1>EVA NEXUS&trade;</h1> <p>Imagine a highly intelligent ophthalmic surgical system that&rsquo;s so responsive, it unites the surgeon&rsquo;s intentions with the system &mdash; answering the needs of ophthalmic surgeons worldwide. Introducing EVA NEXUS by DORC: the Future of Ophthalmic Surgery.</p> <h2>NEXUS Fluidics</h2> <p>EVA NEXUS&trade; is designed to keep surgeon, system and patient synchronized, with advanced fluidics and VacuFlow VTi at its core.</p> <p><strong>SMART IOP&trade;</strong></p> <p>With SMART IOP&trade;&nbsp;enabled, EVA NEXUS&trade;&nbsp;automatically compensates for pressure losses. The system adjusts the irrigation pressure to maintain a constant pressure and chamber stability, even during post-occlusion breaks, ensuring improved anterior chamber stability during phaco procedures.</p> <p><strong>VacuFlow VTi: Vacuum mode and Flow mode</strong></p> <p>Valve Timing Intelligence (VTi) pump drives smart fluidics and eliminates the risk of unwanted pulsations or flow, along with</p> <p>next-gen active infusion to achieve constant IOP during vitrectomy.</p> <p><strong>Dual Infusion and Irrigation Lines</strong></p> <p>Quick switching between anterior and posterior steps for on-demand dynamic response.</p> <p><strong>Universal cartridge for vitrectomy and phaco</strong></p> <p>An efficient, universal cartridge for vitrectomy or phaco procedures.</p> <p><strong>EVA AVETA&trade;</strong></p> <p>Groundbreaking trocar cannula system with Push-Fit infusion connection and unique laser-etched retention feature designed for enhanced scleral retention. Hi-Flow&trade; optimises infusion, even in 27G.</p> <p><strong>EVA EQUIPHACO&trade;</strong></p> <p>Next-generation EVA phaco technology. Designed for superior AC stability, improved ultrasound efficiency and reduced effective phaco time.</p> <p><strong>INICIO microinjection</strong></p> <p>EVA INICIO&trade;: developed for EVA NEXUS&trade;, the first approved ophthalmic microinjection system, offering improved precision and control for small volume aqueous fluid injections.</p> <p><strong>LED Endoillumination</strong></p> <p>3-port tunable system with yellow tinting for increased safe exposure times.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>